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Why Reach Out?
Feeling unmotivated or uninspired?
Struggling with Mental Health? 
Lacking confidence? 
Wanting one-on-one connection? 
Need an activity that’s keeps you present but isn’t meditation? 
Need step-by-step instructions to get groceries, cook a meal or just get out of bed?  

Re-connect with yourself through mindful cooking classes that get you into the kitchen and into a new mindset to feel more confident and excited to get more done in your day! 

In-Person offered in Manhattan, NY & Zoom anywhere else. Group lessons are offered.

Pricing starts at $65 per person for groups and $65 for one-on-one classes, but as the mission is to truly make cooking self-care for as many as possible, I am happy to accommodate if you reach out (contact section below)

5 Session Package Options: 

Recipe-Based Lessons: this lesson focuses on specialized recipes. Throughout the 5 sessions you will learn to create 5 recipes that are curated for your dietary, lifestyle, and general culinary preferences. 

Skill-Based Lessons: While Recipe based lessons include knife skill lessons, the skill-based lesson package focuses exclusively on how to prep, clean, organize your kitchen and teach proper knife skills. We will pick one or two recipes and use those as a base to learn how to make your kitchen skills more efficient. 

Pricing Varies: Basic start $500 + Groceries, an additional fee per person

​ More information below.

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